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Women and Girls

Women and Girls Sport

There is a general misconception that women and football don’t mix. It is indeed a gross misconception because women do love football, both actively playing and watching matches. Women’s football matches can also be quite engaging.

Who says your gender restricts you from playing or enjoying a football game? Every gender deserves to enjoy the relaxing game that is football, irrespective of the gender playing. We bring you not only information regarding football matches played by men, but also by women.

At Club Football WA, we bring you current updates from various female football clubs across West Australia. We ensure that you stay on top of all the female matches of the season, both National League and State League matches.

There are various entry levels for female footballers. Aspiring or active professional or amateur female footballers have access to information regarding various recruiting teams, and you can be on the lookout for which best suits you.

Live Matches

Being in transit while your favourite club is playing shouldn’t stop you from keeping up with them. Our website is constantly updated with current and ongoing matches; we never want you to miss out on anything. You could be on a bus, or an Uber, on your way to work or school, and still keep up with your favourite football club.

Our website is loaded with interesting and important content that is just as engaging as the actual football matches—Check in today to eliminate missing out on matches played by your favourite female football clubs today.

Scheduled Matches

If you require a credible source of information regarding scheduled matches, then you have come to the right place. Club Football WA aims to provide you with up-to-date information about female football matches. We ensure that you have access to this information in a detailed and concise manner.


You might be an avid football lover, but I can guarantee that there are so many female football clubs you don't know about. This is the perfect place to discover more female football clubs because female football matches are just as interesting as male matches. You not only get information about these clubs, but we also ensure that we provide information about their training sessions, coaches, and players. Club Football WA is your one-stop website for all the information you could need about female football clubs in West Australia.


At Club Football WA, we provide information about various West Australia female football players in player profiles. The portfolio contains each player's name, age, club, achievements, and other information we are certain you would be interested in. These profiles are also easy to access, and areas are organised as can be.


Keeping up with the progress of our favourite football players is one of the things football lovers have in common. Their successes make us almost as happy as it makes them. If you would love current information about awards and championships, create a Club Football WA account today.

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