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The Junior Category

This category of football is an arrangement made specifically for kids who are enthusiastic about playing football. The Junior category makes room for kids from the ages of three to twelve. The experienced coaches conduct the matches in a safe and controlled environment to ensure the kids’ safety. The junior category covers both junior and youths who are interested in football.

Junior football leagues make room for both genders. Yes, girls who are interested in football can be introduced to it at an early age.  The competitions are structured so that only kids of the same age group play together or against each other. There are mixed and single-gender competitions. 

Ages Three to Four

Children in this age group are introduced to football safely and interestingly. An experienced coach is available to teach the kids, and this coach can be a professional or a parent with enough experience at coaching football. The kids are allowed to play any position they want, and they use a small-sized field. Junior equipment is provided for the kids, and they are introduced to tackling using a 'wrap' tackle method. The overall aim of these football sessions is for the kids to have fun and discover the amazing sport that is football, and because of this, no records or scores are kept.

Ages Five to Six

This is a slightly modified version of the football sessions for kids aged three to four. The sessions occur on small but sizable fields, with the coach being experienced and friendly. They can be a parent with coaching experience or even a professional coach for kids. Safe tackling methods are introduced to the kids, and no scores are recorded.

Ages Seven to Ten

At this point, the kids are introduced gradually to mature football. Here, scores are counted even though fun is still the priority. The fields used are also slightly larger, and the rules of the Australian Football League are introduced to the kids. These rules are followed, but they are not as strict as they ought to be.

For junior football, the parents often choose to volunteer for the various aspects needed to ensure that the kids enjoy this awesome sport. Our services at Club Football WA concerning junior football include the following:


If your child has recently developed an interest in football, and you are in the market for a reliable junior football club, then you have come to the right place. We provide information on the most suitable clubs for kids, and when there are openings or recruitments, we put it on our website.


For openings regarding coaching and other services essential for the smooth running of junior league clubs, you can reach out to us. If you are interested in kids and would love to volunteer for one aspect or the other, you have come to the right place.

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