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Men's Amateur

Men's Amateur Sport

Amateur sports are sports played by nonprofessional players. A lot of people already know what it means to be involved in amateur sporting activities. However, most people don’t know there are leagues for them.

You can belong to an amateur football club, but you won’t get any form of remuneration. Most people engage in this for the fun of it. Others do because they want to experience what it means to play with other team members as training of some sort.

The men’s amateur league is a competition run by Football West, and for those who don’t know, Football West is the governing body in charge of sports in the state. Those who compete in it are teams from the regions in West Australia, and there are usually twelve clubs competing in each league.

Whether you are looking to get actively involved in men’s amateur football or get information about it, we are certain we can be of help. At Club Football WA, we offer the following services concerning men’s amateur football competitions:

Fixed Matches

For information about the time and venue for matches played by your favourite club, Club Football WA is the place for you. Football enthusiasts desire to know ahead of time where and when their favourite teams are playing, and we at Club Football WA readily provide that information.


There are at least twelve amateur football clubs for men. Competitions are organised yearly, and qualifying for the recruitment process can guarantee you a spot on your favourite team. If you, however, would prefer to just get updates regarding the training sessions, club players, and coaches, we offer those services as well.

Updates and Breaking News

We offer a service to ensure that you are kept updated on information concerning your favourite amateur men's clubs. We have contacts who provide us with credible information about the players, their coaches, training sessions, and upcoming matches. We also provide interesting and captivating commentaries regarding various matches, ensuring that you can access every important aspect of your favourite club's matches.

Comments Section

We have made arrangements for you to make comments on our website. You can provide us with feedback regarding your satisfaction or dissatisfaction with our services. You can also let us know if you would be interested in joining one of the amateur football clubs, and we will guide you through the process. The comment section is also for airing your opinions about previous or ongoing matches. There are other amateur football enthusiasts, and we are certain that you will all get along well. The comment section is another place to have fun and unwind in the form of friendly arguments with other amateur football enthusiasts. However, terms and conditions apply.

Whatever your reason for engaging in amateur sporting activities, we are certain that at Club Football WA, we have all the information you need and more.

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