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The multipurpose home of football lovers.
We bring you a range of services that enables you to access the latest news on your favourite football clubs, club promotions, sales of various sporting equipment, and advertisements directed at different people. We aim to satisfy every one of all ages in relation to all things football.   So, if you happen to be in the market for a genuinely interactive football site, you have come to the right place.

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National League

If you after a platform that provides quick updates on the National soccer league for West Australia, look no further.

We provide current information on the teams playing and update you on every important aspect of the match in lively headlines and make you feel like you are at the stadium in person.

It is our mission to keep you updated with engaging and witty commentaries from the start right to the end of the matches between your favourite clubs.

So if you are a football lover, you came to the right place.

State League

Organised information is usually easy and exciting to read. Sometimes, even when you are an avid reader or a die-hard fan of particular content, you may find it challenging and boring to read said content. A reasonable explanation for this is the lack of organisation. At Club Football WA, we ensure that we provide you with information about the State League hassle and stress-free, so all you need to do is visit our website for the latest updates, and never miss a result.

Women and Girls

There is a general misconception that women and football don’t mix. It is indeed a gross misconception because women do love football, both actively playing and watching matches. Women’s football matches can also be quite engaging. Who says your gender restricts you from playing or enjoying a football game? Every gender deserves to enjoy the relaxing game that is football, irrespective of the gender playing.

Men's Amateur

Amateur sports are sports played by nonprofessional players. A lot of people already know what it means to be involved in amateur sporting activities. However, most people don't know there are leagues for them. You can belong to an amateur football club, but you won't get any form of remuneration.


This category of football is an arrangement made specifically for kids who are enthusiastic about playing football. The Junior category makes room for kids from the ages of three to twelve. The experienced coaches conduct the matches in a safe and controlled environment to ensure the kids' safety. The junior category covers both junior and youths who are interested in football.


Armadale is a Forrestfield football club. It is a semi-professional Australian club for the West Australian region. It was founded in 1972. Ashfield Sports Club is a West Australian semi-professional sports club located in Perth. It was founded in 1970. Balcatta Football Club was established in 1977 by a group of friends in the park of St. Lawrence Church, Main Street at Balcatta. We offer information on various clubs.


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