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About Us

Getting to Know Us

Club Football WA is a West Australian online club dedicated to providing our members with first-hand information and updates about their favourite clubs. We offer a myriad of services, and we are quite certain that we can adequately satiate every football lover’s needs regarding information.

Some of our unique and exclusive services include:


We are dedicated to providing you with all the information and more that you could need to stay on top of matters relating to your favourite football club. We have information about the history, composition, players, awards and honours, and training sessions about your favourite clubs. If you want credible information, Club Football WA is a reliable source.

Player Profile

There is a section known as “Player Profile.” The player profile is a section that contains all the information you could need about your favourite players. Some of the information includes their age, football history, awards, and the clubs they play for. We have made this information easily accessible for our members. For unrestricted access to it, please sign up for our membership.

Fixtures and Results

Not being able to catch your favourite club's football matches can be a painful experience for football enthusiasts. We have come up with a way to ensure that you don't entirely miss out on the action. You can check the date, time, and venue of scheduled matches. If you would miss out on catching the live matches, you can always check our website for the results of the matches. They are easily accessible and clear enough for the average person.

Captivating Headlines

We know that you have busy lives and may not always be able to take out time to watch your favourite matches. Club Football WA has come up with the perfect solution for this. It is in the form of captivating headlines that adequately summarise important highlights of ongoing matches. We ensure that we update you and make you feel like you are watching the matches; we also interestingly provide this information.

Advertisements and Promotions

Club Football WA has also provided a means for football clubs to place advertisements with us. If you are recruiting players for senior or amateur teams, you can let us know, and we will be sure to run the advertisements on our website. We have many members and connections, and we are certain that your adverts will get to a lot of people.

Comments Section

Our comments section is readily available for members of Club Football WA. You can make commenters about ongoing or past football matches. You can also give us feedback about our services in the comments section. It is an avenue for you to meet and make friends with other football lovers as well. However, terms and conditions apply.

Club Football WA aims to be the leading football information website in Australia. Join us to make that dream a reality.

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