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Ashfield Sports Club


Ashfield Sports Club is a West Australian semi-professional sports club located in Perth. It was founded in 1970, two years before Armadale Soccer Club. The president and manager are Phil Kelly and Gregor Hart, respectively.


Ashfield Sports Club has the following honours to its name:

First Division Winners 1998

If this is your favourite club, then we truly understand why. Ashfield Sports Club is a football club with many awards to its name. It gets better because they are still trying to get better and impress their fans even more despite the many awards they have won. Since then, they won the Football West State League Division 1 competition for 1998 and have won many more cups.

First Division Winners 2001

They also won the following:
• First Division Winners 2006
• First Division Winners 2007
• First Division Winners 2014
• First Division Winners 2015
• Third Division Winners 1988
• Cup Runners Up 2013
• Night Series Lower Division Runners Up 2007
• Night Series Lower Division Runners Up 2010

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