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Beckenham Angels Football Club


Beckenham Angels Football Club was the first football club in the Southern Suburbs formed majorly to focus on soccer for women and girls. It was formed in 2000. The team is dedicated to raising and training young women passionate about football and allowing them to compete with other passionate female football players.

Juniors Category

This category comprises female football players under the age of seventeen. Girls who have an interest in football can sign up for this awesome training opportunity. The minimum age for this is three years. Experienced coaches and football players train the children, and they are gradually initiated into the football world.

They receive basic training on small but sizable fields, and the older they get, the larger the field becomes. They are also trained using junior equipment. If you want to register your child for these amazing junior training sessions, be sure to check in on our website regularly. As soon as there are openings for kids or even recruitments for adults interested in volunteering in one capacity or the other, we make it known on our website.

Seniors Category

The seniors’ category features female football players above the age of seventeen. These are women who have experienced a lot of football training and can now represent the team at female football competitions, both at state levels and, if they qualify, at national levels.

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