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Balcatta Football Club


Balcatta Football Club was established in 1977 by a group of friends in the park of St. Lawrence Church, Main Street at Balcatta. These friends made it a habit to play football every Sunday after church to alleviate their boredom, and with time, they drew more interested players and speculators.

The club was originally named Balcatta Soccer Club, but the name was changed to Balcatta Football Club in 2013. Balcatta Football Club is currently the seventh in the National Premier League for West Australia.

Juniors Club

Football enthusiasts most times birth children who have an interest in football. This is why Balcatta Football Club has made provision for children interested in gaining experience in the awesome sport that is football. Balcatta Football Club admits as many as three hundred children yearly.

The moment they are admitting children, we are one of the firsts to know. This is another reason you should stay tuned to our latest updates because we would pass across this information. It could be useful to you if you have kids or friends who have kids who are interested in football.

Not only would your kids be trained by experienced players and coaches, but they also stand a chance to compete in the Junior Champions League.

Premier Women and Balcatta Football Club

In 1993, a senior women’s team was founded. That same year, the team ended the season by being the runners up for the night series competition. They also won the Top Four Cup and the Premiership, which gave them promotion to First Division.

To date, the women of Balcatta Football Club are still making a name for themselves. They recently won the Night Series match, and despite the myriad of injuries sustained by the players, they have managed to stay on top of women’s football in West Australia.

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