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Cockburn City Soccer Club


Cockburn City Soccer Club is a semi-professional football club in Australia. It was established in 1929. It was named Spearwood Rovers until the early ’60s when the club eventually split into two clubs- Spearwood Dalmanticans and Cockburn United. They eventually merged once more in 1998, and ever since, they have identified as Cockburn City Soccer Club.

Cockburn City Soccer Club is currently the twelfth on the National Premier League table. They have made provisions for a girl’s football team, women’s, and also senior’s football team. They are nicknamed “The Burn,” and rightly so.

Junior Teams

Cockburn City Soccer Club is quite dedicated to raising young children of both genders interested in football. The club has made provisions for training sessions for these kids, and at fair prices too. The kids are slowly inducted into the great sport that is football, and each child is allowed to learn at the pace most suitable for them.

The minimum age for kids in the junior team is three years, while the maximum age is sixteen. The kids are grouped with members of their age grade and are not allowed to play with older age groups. This is to reduce injury and encourage equal opportunities as much as possible.

Cockburn City Soccer Club has made provisions for small-sized football fields, and the older the kids get, the larger their training field. They use junior equipment that won’t be a bother for them, and these training sessions are mainly for fun. No records or scores are kept at this point.

The kids are trained by experienced coaches and football players who have an interest in children. They are volunteers who are either parent, guardians or even retired football players and coaches.

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Women Teams

Australia is opening up to soccer at an accelerated rate. Cockburn City Soccer Club has made provisions for football teams for women, so they don’t get left out of all the fun. Women get to compete against other women at state and national levels.

Women above the age of sixteen who have an interest and experience in football are welcome to sign up during recruitments. If they pass the testing process, then they get inducted into the Cockburn City Soccer Club team for women.

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