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Armadale Soccer Club


Armadale is a Forrestfield football club. It is a semi-professional Australian club for the West Australian region. It was founded in 1972. The current president and manager are Ken Madeley and John O’Reilly, respectively. Armadale Soccer Club is currently the eighth in the National Premier League for West Australia.

Winners at this level can go up to represent Australia in international soccer games. This is why a lot of people join amateur clubs and progress to professional clubs. You can develop your skills in nonprofessional clubs then progress to professional ones to stand a chance to qualify for international soccer games.


Armadale Soccer Club has been awarded a few honours since it was founded in 1972. This attests to its experience and integrity. Some of those honours include:

2018 West Australia State Cup Winners

Armadale Soccer Club can boast of the Cup for the West Australia State League football competition of 2018. Jackson was one of the notable players responsible for this huge win for Armadale Soccer Club.

2004 First Division Winners

Football West is the governing body responsible for organising this competition in West Australia. It's a semi-professional football competition that accommodates various clubs from the regions of West Australia. Usually, eleven teams are allowed to compete in these regional competitions. The league qualifies as Level two on the Western Australian league system and Level three on the overall Australian league system. Armadale Soccer Club participated in this competition and performed so well that they won the Cup.

2002 First Division Runners Up

Armadale Soccer Club was so close to winning the West Australian league competition in 2002. However, they couldn't, so they instead qualified as the first division runners-up. The club has gotten a lot better since then.

1985 Third Division Winners

The 1985 third division league competition winners were the Armadale Soccer Club.

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