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State League

The State League

Organised information is usually easy and exciting to read. Sometimes, even when you are an avid reader or a die-hard fan of particular content, you find it challenging and boring to read said content. A reasonable explanation for this is the lack of organisation.

At Club Football WA, we ensure that we provide you with information about the State League without leaving you bored or tired. We have carefully ensured that any information you might need or desire to go through on our website is well organised and articulated for your satisfaction.

You not only get all the information you need from us, but you also get it interestingly and engagingly. So, sit back, and prepare for the time of your life on our website.

We bring you information about the following:


You deserve to know the clubs that are playing in the State League. We bring this information to you in an organised manner, mostly in the form of a table you can quickly run through. We also provide information about the training sessions of the clubs you are interested in and information about their coaches.

Scheduled Matches

The scheduled matches for the State League are at your disposal here at Club Football WA. You could choose to watch the live match or simply get updates from our website. Either way, you deserve to know when these matches. Be sure to check out the currently scheduled matches for your favourite State League clubs on our website.


We are a credible source for any updates regarding State League football. These updates cover football players, clubs, coaches, and even matches. We ensure that you are updated and that these updates are current and easy to grasp. We bring you captivating content regarding State League football clubs. To catch up on the latest happenings in your favourite football clubs, be sure to check out our website.

Breaking News

When discussing or arguing football with your friends, a sure way to win is by being current. Things change so rapidly in the football world, and we help you stay on top of things. Club Football WA brings you breaking news concerning your favourite State League clubs, players, and coaches. We ensure that the headlines we provide you are short, witty, and captivating. We are information providers you can rely on.


If you want information about past and current State League champions, then you have come to the right place. We have detailed information about the teams who have won the State League championships from as far back as 2011.


You deserve updates regarding your favourite State League players. The information we provide ranges from the active players to the players sitting out the session, down to their training sessions. You can count on us for concise information regarding the strengths and weaknesses of your favourite players in the form of player profiles.

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