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Forrestfield United Soccer Club


Forrestfield United Soccer Club was founded in 1962. It was originally known as Cottesloe Soccer Club before the name was changed. It is one of the biggest football clubs in West Australia, with more than six hundred players and eight hundred members. The president and coach of Forrestfield United Soccer Club are Mark Twamley and Graham Normanton, respectively. They are nicknamed “Forrie.”


Forrestfield United Soccer Club is a football club with a myriad of awards. They have won as many as twelve awards, and some of them include:

1974 State League Premiers

This award was won when the club was still known as the Ascots. Forrestfield United Soccer Club was merged with Swan Migrant Association during this period.

1974 Night Series Winners

During their merger period with Sean Migrant Association, Forrestfield United Soccer Club won the Night Series football competition in 1974. It was a great year indeed for West Australia's football club.

1975 Night Series Runners Up

At this period, they were still known as the Ascots because of their merger. They narrowly missed winning the Night Series football competition and instead qualified as runners-up.

State League Premiers Runners Up

Forrestfield United Soccer Club narrowly missed winning the State League Premiers football competition and instead qualified as runners-up in 1981.

Junior Teams

This is an avenue for young children who love football and would love to actively participate in it. There are registration forms that are quite affordable for the average person, and if you have kids who would love to get semi-professional training, sign them up. The minimum age for these teams is three years, and the maximum is sixteen.

There are teams for both genders, as no gender is inferior and should be left out. Experienced coaches and football players train the kids. They have small fields that best suit their ages, and competitions are allowed only among children of the same age group.

These training sessions are not in the least bit competitive, and they are majorly for fun and training purposes. Scores aren’t kept. Players don’t move to a full-sized pitch until they are eleven years old.

Women Teams

There are also semi-professional teams for women. To qualify for these teams, you have to be an excellent football player with years of experience. There are recruitment periods and processes, and to gain access to information when recruitments are ongoing, please sign up for our membership. This is an easy way for us to provide all the information you need.

Amateur Teams

Forrestfield United Soccer Club has also made provisions for amateur teams. These amateur teams make room for football enthusiasts who have little to no football training but would like to participate. There are also amateur competitions that the Forrestfield United Soccer Club occasionally organised to allow amateur teams to compete with other amateur football players.

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